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We help Quebec companies reach new markets, both domestically and internationally.

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Training & Consulting

Do you need training or consulting services before selling your products by yourself on marketplaces? Count on us to help you acquire the skills you need.

Seller Account Management

Some entrepreneurs simply do not have the time or knowledge to deal with the day-to-day management of an Amazon, Best Buy, CDiscount or Fnac account. If this is your case, we can take care of this aspect of your business for you !

Inventory purchase

If you prefer to completely dispose of one or several of your products in stock, we could buy your inventory and take care of distribution ourselves.

We strongly believe in the creativity of local entrepreneurs and we know how much the “Made in Canada” brand is sought after overseas.

Why choose SAEL ?

A risk-free offer

Our packages are flexible and adapted to all budgets. You can test our formulas at reasonable pricing and make the decision to invest when you already see results. We offer, among other things, hourly consulting and commission-based project supervision.

Active on the main markets

We have extensive knowledge of the main overseas markets and their respective local import rules. We sell in Europe, Mexico and Australia, in addition to Canada and the United States.

Marketing strategy

We take the time to study your catalog to identify products with the greatest potential and to develop sales strategies based on existing data. We work with you to turn your products into bestsellers.

Focused on analytics

Our decisions and strategies are based on extensive analysis of real data. Nothing is left to chance in developing your strategy and monitoring your sales, which means more tangible results for you and your business.

Our expertise

10 years of experience

Our team has been successful on marketplaces for over a decade. We have acquired a solid experience that allows you to start from solid basics. We can also deal with account suspensions.



Developing your sales often means facing many logistical obstacles like the questions of shipping, payment to the suppliers, respect of the local rules of conformity (VAT, HMRC, etc.). That’s why we are here!

Consumer goods

We have developed over the years a great expertise for the online sale of consumer goods. Electronic products, home & decoration products, fashion accessories, clothing and office supplies are some of the categories that we sell the most.

Our mission

We are an agency specialized in the fast-growing marketplaces industry. We are helping Quebec businesses and entrepreneurs reach new markets domestically and internationally through online sales platforms such as Amazon.

We know that this can be a complex challenge for beginners and our mission is to ensure that the lack of technical knowledge is no longer an obstacle to our clients.